Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Are you Muslim first or Bengali first?

Alhamdulillah, As-salamu Alaikum Friends.
Hope that you are all well by the grace of Allah.

Today I am going to write about a question and that is "Are you muslim first or bengali first?"

Well, I know some one says Muslim first and some one says Bengali first. But I don't think that so.
To give answer of this question we have to know about Muslim and Bengali.

If we search in Google, we can see that

"Muslim is a person who follow Islam. Who submit his will towards Allah. And practice Islam through his life."
By the other hand,
"Bengali also a person who is native of Bangladesh. He obeys all the rule of Bangladesh."

And now I want to also ask you a question that " Are you Bengali first Or Human first?"
What would be your Answer???

Islam is our religion and Bengali/Bangladeshi is our nationality. We can't mix that.
We are Muslim by birth and also Bengali by birth. We don't tell that we are just Muslim or just Bengali. We are Bengali Muslim.

There are live many Hindu, Cristian, Buddho in Bangladesh. They are also Bengali Hindu, Begali Cristian and Bengali Buddho.

But there is a important point is that, being a Bengali Muslim you cauld do everything as your wish, never think that. You have to follow Islam first, if any Bengali rule against Islam you never do that. you have to follow Islam, cause you submit your will towards Allah(swt).

Allah (The Creater) knows well that which rule is good or bad for his creature.  Any rule which had made by human, if goes against Allah (swt), we the Muslim never never obey that. Cause Allah is first, Islam is first. And any Bangali rule or culture doesn't go against Islam, Muslim cauld obey this or not.


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