Tuesday, November 17, 2015

US Rap singer Kristin Nicola Ritchie convert to Islam

Alhamdulillah, Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you)
There is a Artcle about a Reverted Muslim named Kristin Nicola Ritchie

Kristin Nicola Ritchie 

Born :  5 May 1986
Profession : Associate producer at Game Circus, Translator
Country : United State.
Everybody Knows her as MC Router.
Now she was Abedah Ritchie

Conversion to Islam

Ritchie converted to Islam and changed her given name from Kristin to Abedah, which means "Worshiper of God" in Arabic, sometime shortened to "Abby". She said in an interview with Muglatte that before Islam she was a Christian but never took religion seriously. She also said that she converted to Islam because she found logic in it

"I'm a Muslim, and not all Muslims are terrorists." She said that she thinks being a Muslim is much safer than her previous lifestyle, as rapper MC Router. "My shtick was that people would bring me beer," she recalls. "My sets would be an hour, and I could knock out 24 beers. I was close to being an alcoholic." Abby says she was also having promiscuous sex with fans and club owners, but when she converted to Islam, her life changed dramatically. "I spend my time reading the Quran and praying," she explains. Abby says her plan is to move to Saudi Arabia when she finishes school — and never look back.

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