Sunday, November 22, 2015

Concept Of God in Islam

Alhamdulillah, As-salamu alaikum. May peace, marcy and blessing of Allah (SWT) be on all of you.

The concept of God in Islam is very cleared. The Muslim believe that “There is no God but Allah.” The Muslim believe in  one God, believe in Allah (The creator). Even the Cristian believe in Allah. He is the only one who created us, created the universe and has power over everything within it.

Concept Of God in Islam

 If we read the Glorious Quran, there is a separate chapter that tells us about the concept of God. When the final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), was asked about God, the answer came directly from God in the holy book of Muslims, The Glorious Quran:

Say, ‘He is Allah, the one and only.
Allah, the eternal, Absolute.
He begets not, nor is  He begotten.
And there is none comparable to Him.” [Sura Ikhlas, Ch:112, Verse: 1-4]

This is the touchstone of theology. Theo in Greek means God and logy means study. Thus Theology means study of God and to Muslims this four lines definition of Almighty God serves as the touchstone of the study of God. Any candidate to divinity must be subject to this ‘acid test’. Since the attributes of Allah given in this chapter are unique, false Gods and pretenders to divinity can be easily dismissed  using these verse.

Some people believe that God become a human being. But The Muslims believe that Allah never exist in human body. If God become human  being then he no longer remains God because the quality of God and human beings in many respect are completely incompatible. (Read more)

If you think of the human being as a machine, it is indeed a complex creation of Allah(SWT). Every machine need a instruction manual to manage it properly. For managing the human being , the creation needs a instruction manual. And Allah (SWT) had reveal the instruction manual to mankind. The Holy Qur’an is the instruction manual for human beings. 
Allah (SWT) need not come down personally for writing the instruction manual. Over the ages Allah has chosen men are called as messengers and prophets of God. The last and final Messenger is prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the last and final instruction manual is The Glorious Qua’an. 


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